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operational audits:

Consistency in any process is achieved through adherence to standards while maintaining documentation that reflects compliance to such standards. Routine Operational Audits insure procedures are being followed and traceability exists.  Our audits cover every aspect of the coating process from start to finish.  Receiving, part preparation, masking, racking, pre-treatment, coating application, curing, and testing to name a few.  We also cover all aspects of safety including PPE (personal protective equipment) and MSDS requirements.  The audit includes PM suggestions and forms for equipment, house keeping, chemical titrations, and sample testing.  Our liaison program allows for streamlined transfer of data and information between OEM's and their Suppliers, working together to insure quality and operational standards are being maintained.  Audits are also available to individual companies wishing to improve their current process. We also provide audits for General Contractors and Architectural firms to insure their Sub-Contractors are following correct coating standards and are utilizing correct products.  


"Skilled manufacturing jobs are returning to the U.S. with very few associates trained correctly to fill the positions.  We will train your associates to successfully operate a line, reduce rejects, increase productivity, and produce Class A products, from start to finish."


Level 1 associates are trained in basic coating knowledge, pre-treatment, masking, and proper application techniques.  Standard operation of equipment and safety.  PPE requirements and proper handling and racking of materials.  Level 1 associates are trained to be Basic Coaters with knowledge of all equipment involved in your process.

Level 2 associates are trained to be Lead Coaters.  All aspects of coatings are covered including identifying and trouble shooting coating failures, testing and documentation.  These associates are trained on PFMEA, PPAP, PM, and basic leadership skills.  All of our training is done in your facility reducing cost and production down time.  Your coaters learn on your equipment and the parts they will be producing for the company. 


We offer Consulting services to companies looking to do the following:

- Improve your current process

- Design and install a new powder coat system

- Upgrade an existing powder coat or wet paint system

- Switch from a wet paint system to a powder coat system

- Choose the proper coating and process for a new or existing product line

ICS: "interim coatings supervisor"

 "Interim supervising can be seen as the short-term assignment of a proven heavyweight interim Supervisor to manage a period of transition, crisis or change within an organization. In this situation, a permanent role may be unnecessary or impossible to find on short notice. Additionally, there may be nobody internally who is suitable for, or available to take up, the position in question. The ICS program allows Plant and Production Managers to focus on daily operations as usual, while maintaining supervision and continual production in their paint department until a permanent replacement has been hired. We will help you hire and train a permanent replacement if necessary, as well as assist in hiring and training new associates. ICS programs are available all states.

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All rates are based on length of contractual service and location from our office.